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Hello people!  Whomever you are out in cyberspace that still happens to peruse over this blog, that is.  Whether you’ve long since thought I’ve dropped off the face of the planet, or you’re stumbling across my place for the very first time, again, hi!  Real life, as I’ve pointed out on my ‘about’ page has been nothing short of crazy this last year.  Between my lung cancer coming back, having to endure radiation once more, and then chemotherapy last summer you’d think I had well enough on my plate.  But really, my life isn’t about my illness, so there are a lot more things that keep my plate not only full, but overflowing.  My son is doing better, starting to adjust to his ADHD and OCD (the second surprisingly more difficult to adapt to than the first in his case) and is doing much better in school.  Every day he impresses me with how articulate he’s getting and how much better he’s doing in school.

My daughter, on the other hand, is struggling.  She’s smart, beautiful (shush, I’m not bias, I swear), and very friendly when given the inclination.  However she’s started acting out at school in the footsteps of her brother last year, and between myself, the teachers and her doctors, we’ve not quite figured out what’s going on to make her act out as much as she does.  Could be mimicry of her brother, could be emotional stress of watching me go through cancer again, or it could be ADHD as well.  Or all three.  (Admittedly I kinda doubt the third option, she seems more disinterested than distracted most times.)  She’s pretty bright and catches on quick, though, and I have no doubt she’ll come out of this stronger…it just might be a bit of a long road ahead of her before we see that come to light.

On my own I’ve been working on art commissions, slowly trudging through them when I can find the time.  The ultimate goal is to earn up enough in my commissions alone to buy an upgrade to my dated camera (Pentax K1000 … 1979!).  Film is becoming more difficult to purchase and develop, but I’ve been so spoiled by having a nice camera that I just can’t justifiably buy a replacement unless it can do what my old camera can do.  That…costs money.  Money I don’t want to pull from our savings or from our checking, so it’s going to come straight from my commissions alone.  Long story short, this may take a few years of savings at the rate I’ve been drawing as of late.

I’ve also dived back into Girl Scouting, taking a test drive leading my own Daisy troop.  Needless to say it was a struggle with everything else going on, and I have discovered that I am far better at teaching teens than I am five and six-year-old kids.  Starting in April I’ll be helping lead a troop that spans all ages, and while I’ll still be a leader in my daughter’s troop, I will be helping lead the older girls instead.  Not going to lie, it’s decidedly a win-win for me in that regard and it means my daughter gets to stay in scouting with social interaction that I think she very much needs.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write more frequently, as I know this blog is how a lot of people keep up to date on how things are going in this household.  I have a few more topics I can touch on now, like this strange marvel of how I kept my hair during the last chemotherapy.  I…I’m still not sure how that happened.  But, regardless, it should be fun and hopefully much more up to date!  I might even toss in a bit of Scouting stuff and kid stuff, as I am prone to do.

(And also, as a note, I know a lot of my pictures are showing up as broken links.  All of those were linked from Facebook, which seems to not be so keen on direct linking.  I will not be doing this in the future, but I don’t think I have the time to go back and fix all the ones from the past.  So much apologies, but those broken links will likely save and drive somebody insane out there.  They..kinda drive me insane, too.)


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